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Akeeba Backup

Downloading your archives through FTP

Akeeba Backup

Downloading your archives through FTP

The recommended method

The problem with the easy method is that sometimes it might not work, or your browser (especially earlier versions of Internet Explorer) might corrupt the download. Therefore, the recommended – and guaranteed – method of downloading backup archives is using

FTP in Binary transfer mode.

In this example we are going to use the FileZilla FTP client. First, connect to your server and navigate to the backup output directory (by default this is administrator/components/com_akeeba/backup under your site's root). You will see a list of the backup archives and log files:

Before transferring a file, click on the Transfer menu, expand the Transfer type submenu and select Binary from the list.

After you do that, just download the backup archive and, if it is a multi-part archive, all of its parts as well. The multi-part archives have the same base filename and extensions of .jpa, .j01, .j02 etc or .zip, .z01, .z02 etc. Do not forget to download all of the parts. Even if one of them is missing the restoration will fail. Afterwards you can delete the backup archive and its parts from the server to conserve disk space and enhance the security of your site.

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