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Pencil Drawing

Pencil Drawing

1 Open any photo you like.

· 2 Duplicate the background layer. On the duplicate: remove the colors by using the Colors / Hue-Saturation. Set the saturation to -100:

· 3 Duplicate this colorless layer again. Now you have 3 layers.

· 4 Now choose Filters / Blur / Selective Gaussian Blur, value: 4. Then use Colors / Invert. Then change the opacity of the layer to 50% to get a gray layer that shows the photo’s edges very weak.

· 5 Merge the layer with the layer down: right-click the layer in the Layers window and choose “Merge Down”.

· 6 Duplicate the now merged layer and change the new layer’s mode to “Dodge”.

· 7 If you want to point out the grey lines some more, you can do so as follows:

  • 8 Merge the two gray layers so that you can find the line drawing on a single layer.
  • 9 Duplicate the layer again and change its mode to “Multiply”.
  • 10 Repeat this step as often as you like (until the width of the lines is OK).

Now the pencil drawing is finished!

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