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Git Cheat Sheet 3

Git Cheat Sheet 3


$ git branch

# To see the list of branches and the current branch you're working on

See the remote branches

$ git branch -a

# You can see the remote branches too postfix -a

Create a Branch

 $ git branch test_branch

 # To create a new branch and stay in your current branch

To change the active branch

$ git checkout test_branch

#To change the active branch, we can run the checkout command

 Create and checkout to a new branch in a single command

$ git checkout -b new_test_branch

# create and checkout to a new branch in a single command by postfixing -b to the checkout command:

To rename the current branch

$ git branch -m renamed_branch

# Run the command to rename the current branch to renamed_branch.

Delete a branch, run the following command:

$ git branch -D new_test_branch

# The -D option used above deletes a branch

  • Retrieved from GitHowTo

    The ultimate format of the log
    Retrieved from
    $ git log --pretty=format:"%h %ad | %s%d [%an]" --graph --date=short
    Let’s look at it in detail:

        --pretty="..." defines the output format.
        %h is the abbreviated hash of the commit
        %d commit decorations (e.g. branch heads or tags)
        %ad is the commit date
        %s is the comment
        %an is the name of the author
        --graph tells git to display the commit tree in the form of an ASCII graph layout
        --date=short keeps the date format short and nice


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