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Openoffice loading form error

Openoffice loading form error

soffice: An error occurred while loading the form

This worked for me.

1. First close OpenOffice

2. Open your file browser and display the hidden files and folders.

GNU/Linux: Ctrl+H (Nautilus, Thunar, PCMan FM, ...)

3. For GNU/Linux users:

  • /home/<user name>/.openoffice/4/user or /home/<user name>/
  • /home/<user name>/.ooo3/ for OOo 3.x.x or /home/<user name>/.ooo-2.0/ for 2.x.x for OpenSUSE
  • NB: allows the installation of OOo Sun version in parallel with openSUSE version.
  • /home/<user name>/.config/libreoffice/3/user for LibreOffice from 3.5 (note the parent folder ~/.config also used by other applications)


4. Rename the \user folder (see here for its location) to \user.old for example.

  • This way, you still keep a backup of your configuration.


5. Restart OpenOffice, it will create a new profile (a new \user folder is created).


See if the issue has been fixed or not.

  • Not fixed. Then the user profile may not be involved and you can replace the new profile by the old one (delete the new and rename back the old one to \user).
  • Fixed. It means that one or few configuration files were damaged. But it doesn't mean that the whole profile is dead. If you've heavily customized OpenOffice, you can still try to retrieve some parts of your configuration: as you have kept a backup, copy the subfolders (one at a time), and restart OpenOffice to see if the issue is back or not. You can therefore spot from where the issue comes.

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